Tuesday, 27 February 2018

5 Things Mums Do For Us & How To Thank Them

It's almost that time of year again when we get reminded to spoil our Mums, buy flowers and chocolates, and generally put ourselves out for a bit. It can sometimes be met with cynicism over 'another' national holiday; but it's important to remember what matters. Mum!

Mums are there from the day we're born, looking after us every second of the day and ensuring we're healthy and happy as can be. Fast forward a few years and we're scrambling for ways to thank her in one day. It can feel a little overwhelming!

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Today we thought we'd share 5 lovely things Mums do for us, AND how you can thank them simply for being them! We've got you sorted :)

1. Make us feel loved all year round

Whether we're happy, sad, moody, confused, sometimes a little stupid or selfish; Mums love us throughout it all. Who else would put up with us eh?! None of us probably thank our Mum or make her feel as loved as we should all the time; but you can give her little reminders that you appreciate her every single day. Make her feel loved all year round too, with this cute ceramic trinket dish to give your Mum a little smile each day, or draw and frame your own illustration that she can hang maybe? Like a grown up version of those old fridge artwork's you did for her!

2. Support us

Nobody quite like our Mums supports us through each trial and tribulation, each new adventure, start up business, or plan for the future; even when we're so unsure of ourselves. Mum's can be guaranteed to be the backbone of your support system, and cheer you on when you need it most. Whether it's a late night phone call before a big meeting, or a little card in the post to let you know she's thinking of you, Mum's always there. Show how grateful you are by encouraging her in her own life! An inspiration print, a handwritten note, or even just an email may go a long way.

3. Comfort us when we're ill/heartbroken

She was there when we first had our heart's broken, she was there when we didn't get that job, and she was probably there when we were really ill and couldn't look after ourselves - Thank you Mum! There's nothing quite like that comfort of Mum sorting out the bad days with you, but it's hard to know how to thank her when you can't exactly wait around to repay the favour. Treating her to a huge Mothers Day gift box is a pretty good start though! You can grab one ready made to go (perfect for last minute treats!) or even put together your own special box for Mum.

4. Remind us of what's important

Mum's are the perfect reality check we sometimes need when in the midst of a huge panic over something. It can often feel like the world is ending and that everything is always going wrong for us, even over the littlest of things. She'll cheer you on, sure; but Mum's are also great at reminding you of how lucky, loved and blessed you are in so many ways. It can snap us out of almost anything, and be such a welcome relief when we need it most.

5. Become our biggest fans

One of the sweetest and most genuine things are Mums do for us, is when we aren't even around. Proud Mum's will often spend time telling anyone who will listen how brilliant we are; acting like our own little PR rep behind the scenes! If you've done well in your studies, got a good job, a nice partner, or even if your hair is just looking extra glam lately; you can guarantee Mum will be blabbing away boasting to all her friends about you. You're her pride and joy; and it's really very sweet tbh. How can we live up to this?! Well, the answer is by giving her something she can show off at home, when friends visit. Grab this adorable 'Love you to the moon and back' plaque and pretty bracelet - and you'll give her something else she can show off! Let her wear the bracelet all day long, and display the plaque somewhere proud at home, and she'll have another excuse to brag; she will be telling everyone how wonderful her son/daughter is!

There are so many ways to can spoil Mum this year, both little and big; but whatever you do, make sure she knows how appreciated she is! New mums might also need a little extra love too, as this is probably the hardest time for them, and they don't get many thanks back! Treat a new mum this Mothers Day, and you'll not only be a very well-loved daughter, but a star friend too!

Have a wonderful Mothers Day!


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