Monday, 2 July 2018

Did Somebody Say Chocolate?

"Life Happens, Chocolate Helps"

With National Chocolate Day fast-approaching, we thought that we'd give you the ultimate TreatBox 'Indulgence' guide to satiate all your sweet-tooth cravings! We all know that a bit of choccy here and there can work wonders for mind, body and soul and we are stern advocates that a little of what you fancy goes a very long way! 

We have lots of gorgeous treats available in our Build Your Own boxes - all certain to fulfil any chocolate-lovers dream! We all know that one chocolate (king or queen) with whom we share an eternal chocolate affinity so we take great pleasure in sharing this amazing box with you!

So, why not treat yourself and your chocolate partner in crime with a super-indulgent, feel-good box of delights! Here are our top/fave goodies to celebrate the best day of the year (in our opinion anyway ;))

Who knew that you could get your hands on chocolate-flavoured tea!?! Well, you most certainly can and Tea Huggers definitely steals the choccy the crown! We also stock some other amazing Tea Huggers flavours but for the purposes of all things chocolate, this one hits the spot!

Our Optiat scrubs are absolutely amazing for keeping skin soft and smooth. They use tiny microbeads from coffee waste to create their amazing products that are not only great for skin but for the environment too.

Our 'Shhh' door hanging will keep the outside out whilst you munch your way through your bounty of chocolate! Keeping some time aside for ourselves can be tricky but it is so important. A bit of time to pamper, unwind, relax and shut-out the world for a little while can have a great impact on our heath.

That's it! Our simple yet hugely effective (and tasty) guide to the ultimate time-out session! So sit back, take a load off and enjoy!

If you fancy creating your very own box of choccy goodies (or any Build Your Own for that matter), take a look here! 

Lots of love,

Zoe xxx


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